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How dangerous is fire spinning, fire eating or fire breathing?

Any fire manipulation is inherently dangerous, however many precautions are put in place to reduce the risks to the audience, venue and performer.

What safety precautions are in place?

Distance from audience, fire extinguisher and blanket, proper fuel management, proper clothing, etc. If available, a fire safety personal to accompany. Max Warren is certified from the Flow Arts Institute in Fire Safety Education.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! Aurialis Flow is insured through Specialty Fire Insurance up to $5mil aggregate..

Can you spin fire indoors?

Fire can be spun indoors, but not in every venue. For fire to be spun safely indoors, there must be adequate space and ventilation. Typically, LED props can be used indoors with the same amazing effect!

Performing Questions
Do you have indoor and outdoor capabilities?

Yes! Aurialis Flow has both fire and LED props to perform in any venue, indoors or outdoors.

What sound equipment is needed?

Aurialis Flow has a portable speaker designed for small venues. If audience size is larger than 60 people, it is recommended that a different sound system is used.

What is the length of your show?

Choreographed staged performances can be anywhere between 5-25min, while roving performances (side shows) can be as long as you need.

Speaking Questions
What experience do you have?

I have a mix of speaking experiences, from hour long presentations at a homeless shelter in Chicago to farmers in Nebraska.

Booking Questions
What are your rates?

My rates are dependent on the event. Fire performances are higher to account for insurance, safety, and the risk involved. Contact me for more a sliding scale.

Where are you located?

I am located in Toronto, ON.

Can we book you for just performing or speaking?